Car hire for Prom

School Car hire for Prom


Spring time is prom time for senior school boys and girls in the United Kingdom. It is that time in their life when they are going to end the phase of compulsory schooling and enter the realm of adulthood where they can start walking on their own chosen path. Car Hire For PromSo the importance of prom night need not be stressed upon. What is at stake is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your adult personality, and regale with your old time buddies. This calls for a neat arrangement of events, and a car hire is an important aspect of that. There are many companies offering prom cars for hire, but you must not just hire a vehicle. Hiring a vehicle for such an event needs careful planning, and it must start months ahead. Another important thing is that you need a reliable car hire company. So if you are planning to hire a car for your impending prom then just give us a call.

Size of the car

It all starts with deciding how many of you are going to take a car. If you are going alone then a small car is fine, but if you are going in group then you need to decide on the size of the car. Prom Cars for HireIf you have two to three friends coming along with you then a sedan such as a Mercedes CL class is okay. If you want to go for a limousine then there are several sedan class limousines capable of sitting four to five people. However, if there are more people then you need to for limousines like Lincoln or Cadillac. If there is a large group then you need to hire a hummer, stretch hummer, party bus or limousine bus. So deciding how many of you are going together is essential before deciding on the car hire for prom. Whatever be the size or type of the car you will get it in our stable.


Company owned car

Some companies loan cars from others and rent them out. There may be problems with such cars.School Prom cars for hire There may be maintenance issues with such cars as these are not maintained by the companies on a regular basis. However, the biggest problem with such cars is regarding owning up to liability. If the car meets with an accident you may have a hard time proving the liability of the company renting out the car. So you must ensure that the car hire for prom is owned by the company which is offering prom cars for hire. We have a variety of cars in our stable, and you can rest assured that there will be no liability issues.


Fittings and decoration

Some cars like limousine can be fitted with accessories and decorated.Car hire for PromIf you want to get a mini bar inside you can get it in a limousine such as hunter which also offers enough leg space and floor to roof space for dancing. We can help you decorate cars with matching theme and fit accessories.

Pick up and drop

If there is a group of friends boarding from different points then make sure to discuss the same with the company offering car hire for prom. We have no problem in picking up and dropping your friends from different locations. Just share the details with us beforehand.