Wedding car hire London


The wedding car is a very intimate part of marriage as it is tasked with ferrying the bride in all her embellishment along with her intimate friends to venue. Selecting the perfect car needs some time and planning as the grandeur of the wedding as well as prestige of the host is intricately related to the grandeur of the wedding car. Our service will complement the arrangements and theme of the marriage party and venue.

Points to consider while hiring a wedding car


Selecting the perfect car revolves around two main points – elegance and safety. However the element of comfort cannot be sacrificed at the altar of safety and elegance. If you are going to get married in summer you need proper air conditioning in the car so that you and your friends are not left sweating and gasping for breath in the car. A stretch limousine may be your dream wedding car, but old stretch limos mostly do not provide good air conditioning service. To keep air conditioning intact they need to be re gassed. So make sure that it is comfortable enough. On the other hand if it is winter, you need to have heating system in the car. Do check it for an efficient heating system. Otherwise, you will reach the wedding venue all wrapped up. All our cars are aptly fitted with seasonal gears so that you only think about the imminent event and the ensuing chapter of your life while enjoying a smooth ride.


You should also take into consideration the size of the car. If you are opting for a stretch hummer make sure that the church or reception centre is capable of and willing to accommodate such large vehicle.


We have an array of wedding cars for hire, and you can meet all the criteria of your dream wedding car here. We can offer 1st class private hire, white as well as black stretch hummer and white stretch Chrysler. The stretch hummers are quite useful if there are a number of persons to accommodate.


The cost varies according to the service you opt for which includes

Pick up and drop

If you are looking only for a pick up and drop facility then we can offer single journey for £250 per hour and return journey for £500. You may have to shell out some additional amount as there may charges for special and VIP access to wedding venues. We will offer soft drinks to all the occupants. However, bookings are available for places around London only and charges may vary depending on road conditions and traffic conditions.

Return journey

We offer 4 hours return journey that costs just £900.

Long journey

If you are thinking of hiring a car for honeymoon then you can avail this option. A long distance journey will cost £1500 for 7 hours saving you £250.

However, our options do not end here, and we are open to discussions with the customer for the most appropriate wedding car hire London.

The marriage car will ferry you and all your dear friends in all their embellishments to the wedding venue where everybody will be waiting for you. Therefore it should be elegant and should match the theme. It should be affordable as well. We provide affordable wedding car hire in London that matches your requirements in every aspect. Here are some points that can help you to choose the perfect wedding car.

Couples choice

Both the bride and the groom should be involved in selecting the marriage car. There will be friends and relatives of the groom as well as of the bride, and incorporating the likes and dislikes of each of you will bring out the best car that will be praised by everybody.

Matching the theme

The car should match the theme of your marriage. We have a variety of cheap wedding cars for hire in London that will match your marriage theme. We also decorate it as per your theme.


The size is very important since you will be traveling along with your intimate friends. Moreover, the bridal dress calls for smooth and spacious interiors so that you do not have difficulty in maneuvering and the dress does not get caught up in nooks and corners. We have a number of limousines which are perfect for occasions like marriage ceremony.

Insurance and other criteria

We are licensed and have permits for operation along with insurance to meet emergencies. We have our own fleet of car for renting out rather than others who sublet from other companies.


Our chauffeurs are well experienced about routes and well behaved. Even their dresses are so well planned to ensure that the look of the chauffeur is not incongruous with the décor and theme of the car and marriage.